ZRS at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2014

I’ll be appearing along with fellow Zombie Research Society Advisory Board member Brendan Riley this coming weekend at Walker Stalker Con 2014 in Chicago at the Stephens Convention Center. On Friday at 4pm, we’ll be part of the panel “Zombies and Philosophy: How zombies teach us to be more human.”  I’ll also be signing and selling books at theContinue reading “ZRS at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2014”

Already miss True Detective? Pick up Southern Gods

True Detective is not this decade’s first masterwork of Cosmic Horror Detective Noir set in the wilds of the American South…and it may not be its best.   We are probably living in a renaissance of American cosmic horror. Often described as a kind of subgenre of horror, sci-fi, and/or fantasy, cosmic horror is the strange,Continue reading “Already miss True Detective? Pick up Southern Gods”

I met James Karen and Allan Trautman and totally geeked-out and it was awesome

This weekend I got to meet two of my all-time zombie heroes, the legendary James Karen and Allan Trautman!  If you read this blog,  you’ve seen that I consider their performances in Return of the Living Dead to be the finest acting in any zombie film, ever. James was super-cool and joked with me.  (IContinue reading “I met James Karen and Allan Trautman and totally geeked-out and it was awesome”

Zombies at Comic Con 2013

I was honored to participate on the “Zombies in Popular Culture” panel at Comic Con San Diego on Thursday.  In addition to me, the panelists included Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steve Schlozman, Brad Voytek, Aaron Sagers, and Jonathan James. Here are some photos.  (Click to embiggen.)