Zombies at Comic Con 2013

I was honored to participate on the “Zombies in Popular Culture” panel at Comic Con San Diego on Thursday.  In addition to me, the panelists included Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steve Schlozman, Brad Voytek, Aaron Sagers, and Jonathan James. Here are some photos.  (Click to embiggen.)  

Schlozman in Psychology Today

Steven Schlozman– author of The Zombie Autopsies— wrote a pretty neat reaction to the current spate of violence that’s been covered as “Zombie Attacks” by the media in Psychology Today.  I like the way he addresses some of the same issues I was trying to tackle in my last blog post.  (Plus, he’s a doctor,Continue reading “Schlozman in Psychology Today”

Zombies used to remove political impact

I was neither upset nor particularly surprised when– beginning a few days ago– the mainstream media began calling the Miami, FL cannibalism assault a “zombie attack.”  Certainly, it had all of the right elements.  (If you are reading this blog, I probably do not need to repeat the details to you.)  It was sort ofContinue reading “Zombies used to remove political impact”