Mark yer calendars. . .

I’ve just committed to appear at ZomBCon 2011 in Seattle, this coming October 21-23.  Last year’s ZomBcon was really wonderful– exciting, fun, galvanizing. . . and very, very well-run.  And I expect 2011 to be even better!  It sounds like they’ve got a new, larger venue, and a bunch of new guests for 2011 including TomContinue reading “Mark yer calendars. . .”

Boaris Frankenswine

A couple of years ago, an excellent artist named J. Anthony Kosar did the zombie makeup for the trailer for my book Z.E.O.  Today, Anthony is using his talents to raise funds for a grade school in Lemont, IL.  He has created a sculpture dubbed “Boaris Frankenswine” upon which one may bid in a fundraiser for the school. From Anthony’s release:Continue reading “Boaris Frankenswine”

Zombies in “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow”

I’ve been enjoying the newest installment in the Castlevania video game franchise–  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow— for the past week or so, and have been especially pleased with its variation on zombies.  Whilst still slow and shambling, the zombies in Castlevania: LOS remove their own heads and use them as ranged weapons against you.  (This, obviously, presupposes a Return ofContinue reading “Zombies in “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow””

Tales of Liberace. . . I mean, Hoffman

Over the weekend, I watched George Romero’s favorite film, Tales of Hoffman. Released in 1951, Tales of Hoffman is an operatic re-telling of three romantic misadventures (along with a framing story) of the eighteenth-century poet E.T.A. Hoffman. Whenever he is interviewed, Romero makes a point to talk about Hoffman and the impression it made on him asContinue reading “Tales of Liberace. . . I mean, Hoffman”

Leslie Nielsen savaged by aquatic zombies

When Leslie Nielsen passed away over the weekend, most obituaries (rightly) emphasized his work with the Police Squad and Airplane! films.  But he was also really good at being terrified of zombies, as evinced by his performance in the 1982 horror film Creepshow (which was directed by George Romero and includes a cameo by Tom Savini!!!). Here’s aContinue reading “Leslie Nielsen savaged by aquatic zombies”

Simon Pegg and “Zombies” in Fable III

I picked up the new xBox 360 game Fable III over the weekend, and have really been enjoying it.  One of the main characters is voiced by Simon Pegg.  Delightfully, Pegg’s character opines in several instances on whether or not Hollow Men (the staple undead bad-guys of the Fable universe) are zombies. I’ll let you discover for yourselfContinue reading “Simon Pegg and “Zombies” in Fable III”