Lake of Darkness

Forthcoming 5/5/20 from Skyhorse Publishing

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Advance praise for Lake of Darkness:

“First World War-era Chicago is the backdrop for this fast-paced tale of madness, murder, and a streetwise detective on the trail of a depraved serial killer. Lake of Darkness is a stylish, clever whodunit that’s rooted in the very bedrock of the city’s past.” – Dean Jobb, author of Empire of Deception

“Scott Kenemore remains one of the most original and chilling voices in horror. He knows how to unsettle you, and how to ratchet up the tension. Read Lake of Darkness and experience his masterful command of narrative, full of dark dreams and unreasoning fear.” – John Hornor Jacobs, author of Southern Gods and A Lush and Seething Hell

“With Lake of Darkness, Scott Kenemore takes readers back a hundred years, to a Chicago terrorized by a series of horrifying murders. Blending trenchant social observations with vistas of cosmic horror, Kenemore crafts a narrative that rockets its hero and its reader to an ending unforgettable and resonant. Kenemore’s previous novel, The Grand Hotel, was a standout; with this one, he takes another step forward.” – John Langan, author of The Fisherman and Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies

“If there is a definitive voice of Midwestern horror, Scott Kenemore is it. He has infused Lake of Darkness with lean, powerful prose and a deeply absorbing mystery. Fans of Laird Barron and Victor LaValle will devour this refreshing blend of crime, noir, the occult, and cosmic terror. It’s a page-turning thriller that shows, once again, that more people should be paying attention to Kenemore’s work.” – Joanna Parypinski, author of Dark Carnival

“Scott Kenemore’s new novel is a Chicago tale as strange and bizarre as the twin murders at its heart. He recreates the past with an unerring sense of place, delving into the nightmares that haunted us then as much as they do now. Lake of Darkness is an exceptional read.”—Simon Strantzas, author of Nothing is Everything

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