Schlozman in Psychology Today

Steven Schlozman– author of The Zombie Autopsies— wrote a pretty neat reaction to the current spate of violence that’s been covered as “Zombie Attacks” by the media in Psychology Today.  I like the way he addresses some of the same issues I was trying to tackle in my last blog post.  (Plus, he’s a doctor, so his piece gets to include observations like:  “I would never under any circumstances refer to my patients or any patients as zombies.”)

Click here to read the article.

2 thoughts on “Schlozman in Psychology Today

  1. So what would a Doctor call a person infected with an actual zombie virus??
    Would ‘Zombie’ not do, even to lighten the mood?lol

  2. I have a Neo zombie novel that has been reviewed and I wanted to know interested in reading a few chapters? Love to get your opinions about it.

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