Zombie Myths & Misconceptions at San Diego Comic Con

I’ll be appearing on the panel: “Zombie Myths & Misconceptions” on Friday, July 25th at 8:30pm at San Diego Comic Con.  Our group will include such zombie luminaries as Matt Mogk, Max Brooks, Steve Schlozman, and Aaron Sagers!  Stop on by!

Zombies at Comic Con San Diego

I’ll be a featured panelist at Comic Con San Diego on the “Zombies in Pop Culture” panel on Thursday, July 18 at 7pm in Room 7AB.  Other panelists will include such zombie luminaries as Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steve Schlozman, and Aaron Sagers.  Stop by and watch us talk zombies!

Book Review: The Zombie Autopsies

Steven Schlozman’s forthcoming book The Zombie Autopsies ($19.99, Grand Central Publishing,  3/25/2011), is probably the finest epistolary novel about zombies ever written.  It features a dynamic, riveting narrative presented in the form of collected notes by a physician who is attempting to solve the mysteries of a zombie plague that is decimating humanity.  The Zombie Autopsies is  most remarkableContinue reading “Book Review: The Zombie Autopsies”

Spooky Empire 2010

Here’s a picture of me and fellow Zombie Research Society Advisory Board member Dr. Steven Schlozman at the Spooky Empire horror convention in Orlando over the weekend: As always, Spooky Empire was an incredibly well-run event with many fun symposia, events, and musical concerts.  My favorite part was meeting readers. (It’s one thing to get a statement from your publisherContinue reading “Spooky Empire 2010”