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Zombies at Comic Con International 2011

I had a really wonderful time at Comic Con 2011 in San Diego.  Here’s a video of the “History of the Modern Zombie” panel I was on with Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steven Schlozman, James Lowder, and Brad Voytek.   (Max Brooks totally stole my nameplate, as you’ll see…)

Now I wish I had spoken during the first 6 mins.  (I was biding my time for the discussion of Return of the Living Dead.)  You can watch the entire 50-minute panel in low-res here.

And then here are some photos.

Zombie writers KNOW how to rock!!! (Left to right are James Lowder, me, Steven Schlozman, and Ned Vizinni at the Triumph of the Walking Dead signing table.)
A zombie comic starring BHO and family!
Some zombie video games.
The line to get into our zombie panel. Crazy.
The Walking Dead display was totally mobbed.
This pair claimed to be "zombie hunters," a point upon which I did not challenge them.