ZOMBIE, INDIANA in Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing; and Louisville Zombie Attack


Two items today:

  • I did a little Q&A with Adventures in SciFi Publishing about Zombie, Indiana.  You can read it here.
  • I won’t be able to attend the tenth annual Louisville Zombie Attack this year on August 29, but if you’re an undead Kentuckian, you should totally check it out!  A link to their FB page is here!

Kickstarter thanks!


Thanks to everybody who helped make my Kickstarter for Zombie, Indiana a resounding success.  I’m excited to get started researching and writing my new book!  Those without whom it would not have been possible include:

  • Jose Aguilar
  • Robert Bloch
  • Kelly Brown
  • Jason R Burns
  • Kyle Cashman
  • Paul Michael Carr
  • Alex Caudill
  • Maria Cline
  • Fawn Colombatto
  • Dale Craven
  • Brian Culp
  • Nathan Dazey
  • Richard Dilbeck
  • Jonathan Fesmire
  • Game Kinetics LLC
  • Joan Gore
  • John Graham
  • Emily Guy Birken
  • Sheree Hipwell
  • Kitt Hodsen
  • Dan Kenemore
  • Krissy Maier
  • Derek Meier
  • Tim Ogletree
  • Brendan Riley
  • Ryan Ruiz
  • Aaron Sagers
  • Cerity Silverhawk
  • Tara Smith
  • Dr. Rose Talbert
  • Thomas Young
  • Ellard van Zanten
  • Bjorn Zoll