Shepard Fairey zombies in Chicago?

Street artist Shepard Fairey has been in Chicago this past week for an art opening.  Perhaps not coincidentally, his trademark “Andre The Giant OBEY” paintings have been appearing on buildings around town. . . and so have these awesome life-sized zombies: If they are not the work of Mr. Fairey personally, then perhaps he hasContinue reading “Shepard Fairey zombies in Chicago?”

“All Belgians are Equal”

This post is not about zombies, but instead about a weird discovery I made in my neighborhood.  The other day I was buying a bicycle pump at Wastyn Cycles near my house, when I espied an unusual cornerstone on a building at the corner of Fullerton Ave. and Talman Ave.  It was engraved to read: “ALLContinue reading ““All Belgians are Equal””