“Zombie, Ohio” Chicago reading, 2/19/11

I’ll be giving a reading from Zombie, Ohio this coming Saturday, February 19, at 3pm, at the Webster Place Barnes & Noble store in Chicago (1441 W. Webster Ave.).

Here’s a link to more info.

6 thoughts on ““Zombie, Ohio” Chicago reading, 2/19/11

  1. Hey Scott,
    I wish I could make your Chicago date, but I fear it’s way to cold for my desert blood. However if you’re thinking about taking it on the road may I syggest the phoenix area. I’d love to meet with you.
    Dave Benneman

    1. I think Zen of Zombie comes out in Chinese later this year. Slowly, I shall expand into the Asian continent. . .

  2. Zombie,Ohio..great book! Finished it in one day after buying it. Must read your others. Love the characters. Just one thing..would this book need a part two? I’m a bit confused at the end..he’s very tired. (Officially dying forever,or transforming into the single minded type? *de-evolving*)

  3. just got this book at the Loudonville Public Library 🙂 Loved all the towns that i recognized because those are a lot of the teams in our athletic conference 🙂 But, for reals, it was a really good read!! I just wanted to pass that along!!

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