Kickstarter thanks!

Thanks to everybody who helped make my Kickstarter for Zombie, Indiana a resounding success.  I’m excited to get started researching and writing my new book!  Those without whom it would not have been possible include: Jose Aguilar Robert Bloch Kelly Brown Jason R Burns Kyle Cashman Paul Michael Carr Alex Caudill Maria Cline Fawn ColombattoContinue reading “Kickstarter thanks!”

Zombies at Comic Con San Diego

I’ll be a featured panelist at Comic Con San Diego on the “Zombies in Pop Culture” panel on Thursday, July 18 at 7pm in Room 7AB.  Other panelists will include such zombie luminaries as Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steve Schlozman, and Aaron Sagers.  Stop by and watch us talk zombies!

Movie Review: World War Z

Brad Pitt’s World War Z is an adaptation of the Max Brooks novel of the same name in the sense that a Japanese speed metal band’s cover of the first 20 seconds of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” is an “adaptation” of Combat Rock.  Also, I liked it. In no specific order, here areContinue reading “Movie Review: World War Z”

ZOMBIE, INDIANA on Kickstarter

I’ve just launched a new Kickstarter to raise funds for my upcoming novel ZOMBIE, INDIANA.  The project will allow me to conduct research and do location-scouting for this account of an undead attack on the Hoosier State.  Backer rewards include having a featured zombie based on you, naming a character after you, and more! Here’s aContinue reading “ZOMBIE, INDIANA on Kickstarter”

Book Review: The Serpent and the Rainbow

Now and then, I meet people at horror/sci-fi conventions who offer to tell me about their encounters with “real zombies.”  To a man, I’ve always found these folks unsettling. It was, perhaps, with this prejudice in mind that I came to the 1985 account of the immersion of Harvard ethnobotanist Wade Davis into the world of “real” Haitian zombies and Voodoo,Continue reading “Book Review: The Serpent and the Rainbow”

A bold assertion in the Times

I don’t usually like to just repost MSM articles about zombies, but this piece by Michael Cieply in today’s NY Times makes some remarkably bold assertions with little evidence provided to back them up. Has it really been established beyond all doubt that Kirkman has eclipsed Brooks as the central cultural driver of zombies? Really? Continue reading “A bold assertion in the Times”