Four things you didn’t know about H.P. Lovecraft

Last week, Bedford + Bowery ran a piece I wrote about H.P. Lovecraft.  In particular, the article–which you can read here–contains four observations that I feel are too frequently ignored in conversations about the writer’s troublingly nativist worldviews. My article was a reaction to a string of recent pieces by Laura Miller, Phenderson Djeli Clark, and others that IContinue reading “Four things you didn’t know about H.P. Lovecraft”

Resident Evil 5 reports that zombie actors and real U.S. soldiers will be on hand at a Pennsylvania Best Buy next month for the launch of Resident Evil 5.  If it’s an authentic report, it sounds like the event has the potential to be pretty cool.  Most folks I know who serve in the U.S. armed services love zombies and videoContinue reading “Resident Evil 5”

Mantan Moreland: An early zombie comic-genius

“There’s just two things I hate… and zombies is both of ’em!” – Mantan Moreland This coming Sunday will mark 35 years since the passing of Mantan Moreland, a American journeyman actor who attained modest fame in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s for playing comic foils, frequently in B-grade horror films.  (Probably, his two best known zombie films areContinue reading “Mantan Moreland: An early zombie comic-genius”

George Romero, the opposite of a racist

Most people I associate with are (to my knowledge) not racists.  But it seems to me that, within the category of “not racist,” there are two subsets I think of as “active nonracists” and “passive nonracists.”      Active nonracists note the presence of race (and sex, and class, and ethnicity) when they’re dealing with people,Continue reading “George Romero, the opposite of a racist”