Interview with George Romero re: new Steven Schlozman project

The ZRS blog broke the story on Tuesday, and now Kotaku has a neat interview with George Romero regarding his upcoming adaptation of The Zombie Autopsies by Steven Schlozman.  It’s clear the project is in the earliest stages, but it’s still exciting news for zombie fans!  (I had a very positive reaction to The ZombieContinue reading “Interview with George Romero re: new Steven Schlozman project”

Tales of Liberace. . . I mean, Hoffman

Over the weekend, I watched George Romero’s favorite film, Tales of Hoffman. Released in 1951, Tales of Hoffman is an operatic re-telling of three romantic misadventures (along with a framing story) of the eighteenth-century poet E.T.A. Hoffman. Whenever he is interviewed, Romero makes a point to talk about Hoffman and the impression it made on him asContinue reading “Tales of Liberace. . . I mean, Hoffman”

Leslie Nielsen savaged by aquatic zombies

When Leslie Nielsen passed away over the weekend, most obituaries (rightly) emphasized his work with the Police Squad and Airplane! films.  But he was also really good at being terrified of zombies, as evinced by his performance in the 1982 horror film Creepshow (which was directed by George Romero and includes a cameo by Tom Savini!!!). Here’s aContinue reading “Leslie Nielsen savaged by aquatic zombies”

Movie Review: Survival of the Dead

This weekend, I was lucky enough to receive an advance screener of George Romero’s Survival of the Dead which will begin a limited theatrical release later this month, and is available now through a variety of digital channels via Magnet releasing.  Survival of the Dead is one of Romero’s greatest films, and a vast improvement over Diary of theContinue reading “Movie Review: Survival of the Dead”

George Romero, the opposite of a racist

Most people I associate with are (to my knowledge) not racists.  But it seems to me that, within the category of “not racist,” there are two subsets I think of as “active nonracists” and “passive nonracists.”      Active nonracists note the presence of race (and sex, and class, and ethnicity) when they’re dealing with people,Continue reading “George Romero, the opposite of a racist”