Interview with George Romero re: new Steven Schlozman project

The ZRS blog broke the story on Tuesday, and now Kotaku has a neat interview with George Romero regarding his upcoming adaptation of The Zombie Autopsies by Steven Schlozman.  It’s clear the project is in the earliest stages, but it’s still exciting news for zombie fans!  (I had a very positive reaction to The ZombieContinue reading “Interview with George Romero re: new Steven Schlozman project”

Book Review: The Zombie Autopsies

Steven Schlozman’s forthcoming book The Zombie Autopsies ($19.99, Grand Central Publishing,  3/25/2011), is probably the finest epistolary novel about zombies ever written.  It features a dynamic, riveting narrative presented in the form of collected notes by a physician who is attempting to solve the mysteries of a zombie plague that is decimating humanity.  The Zombie Autopsies is  most remarkableContinue reading “Book Review: The Zombie Autopsies”