3 thoughts on “The Zombie Autopsies

  1. That trailer was all killer and no filler. And was that a real brain?

    But Steve is right, keeping your head during an outbreak is key, which is why I always worry when my girlfriend loses it if Obama interrupts Gossip Girl. I mean, what’s she going to do when our mailman breaks through our sliding glass door??

    Regardless, The Zombie Autopsies sounds awesome!

  2. That was a really good trailer for a book. I’m impressed. Another good zom-book to add to my list of good reads. Thanks for posting.

    The real brain thing…wow. Brains are pretty gross looking. Then again, most of our innards are pretty gross looking. Probably designed that way so we’re not tempted to view them more than necessary. If they looked ultra awesome, the results could be…well…bad. Let’s just call it bad.

    Have a good one, everybody.

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