Four things you didn’t know about H.P. Lovecraft

Last week, Bedford + Bowery ran a piece I wrote about H.P. Lovecraft.  In particular, the article–which you can read here–contains four observations that I feel are too frequently ignored in conversations about the writer’s troublingly nativist worldviews. My article was a reaction to a string of recent pieces by Laura Miller, Phenderson Djeli Clark, and others that IContinue reading “Four things you didn’t know about H.P. Lovecraft”

Happy Birthday HPL!

Today is H P Lovecraft’s 120th birthday!  HPL is my favorite writer, and is generally regarded as the most important horror and weird fiction author of the 20th Century.  He never wrote about zombies by name, but several of his stories feature zombielike creatures (my favorite is “Pickman’s Model“) and his work is bursting with exotic cults,Continue reading “Happy Birthday HPL!”

The adventure of the Miskatonic University lapel pin

My favorite writer of all time is H.P. Lovecraft.   He wrote wonderful horror stories, science-fiction stories, poems, and at least one story about zombie-like creatures coming out of graveyards to feed on the living. I am also a sucker for Lovecraft-related merch.  I have an Arkham, MA sticker on my car, and a Miskatonic University sweatshirt I sometimesContinue reading “The adventure of the Miskatonic University lapel pin”