We ARE the triggers

Horror writers are a diverse bunch of people.  We come tall and short, fat and thin, and all ages and races.  Some live in cities, others in the countryside.  Some are drinkers, and some teetotalers. Most certainly, we come in both liberal and conservative strains. Since my first book was published in 2007, I’ve gottenContinue reading “We ARE the triggers”

Remembering Rocky Wood

Rocky Wood passed away yesterday after a long battle with ALS. Beyond being arguably the greatest living Stephen King expert– famously possessing such acumen that King himself hired Wood as a fact checker– and beyond his tireless efforts as President of the HWA, I will remember Rocky as someone who inspired others while challenging preconceived notions aboutContinue reading “Remembering Rocky Wood”

The Grand Hotel

Today marks the release date for The Grand Hotel, my new horror novel from Skyhorse/Talos.  Why not pick up your copy at B&N, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local independent bookstore? Some very fine horror authors have contributed blurbs and endorsements, which you can read here.  You can also read gushing early reviews in KIRKUS and Chicagoist.Continue reading “The Grand Hotel”

Review: Evil Dead the Musical in Chicago

A few years ago, Rolling Stone reviewed a Rush album called Snakes and Arrows, and awarded it 3 out of 5 stars. The first line of the review read simply: “If you’re a Rush fan, add two stars; if not, subtract two.” Tonight I got to see Evil Dead the Musical at the Broadway Playhouse in ChicagoContinue reading “Review: Evil Dead the Musical in Chicago”

Four things you didn’t know about H.P. Lovecraft

Last week, Bedford + Bowery ran a piece I wrote about H.P. Lovecraft.  In particular, the article–which you can read here–contains four observations that I feel are too frequently ignored in conversations about the writer’s troublingly nativist worldviews. My article was a reaction to a string of recent pieces by Laura Miller, Phenderson Djeli Clark, and others that IContinue reading “Four things you didn’t know about H.P. Lovecraft”