Upcoming appearances

I am beginning to schedule some appearances and events to promote The Art of Zombie Warfare and The Code of the Zombie Pirate when they come out this fall: On October 8-10, I’ll be at Spooky Empire 2010 in Orlando, FL. On October 21, I’ll give a reading at the DePaul Center Barnes & NobleContinue reading “Upcoming appearances”

Movie Review: Survival of the Dead

This weekend, I was lucky enough to receive an advance screener of George Romero’s Survival of the Dead which will begin a limited theatrical release later this month, and is available now through a variety of digital channels via Magnet releasing.  Survival of the Dead is one of Romero’s greatest films, and a vast improvement over Diary of theContinue reading “Movie Review: Survival of the Dead”

A zombie novel I will NOT be reading…

Galaxy Press LLC has begun a pretty strong media push for the new print edition (and audiobook) of Dead Men Kill, L. Ron Hubbard’s only zombie novel.  Just this month, I’ve seen full-page color ads for it in several fiction and genre magazines. I remember, back when I was first trying to puzzle-out the appeal of Scientology, IContinue reading “A zombie novel I will NOT be reading…”

I have a story in the Kenyon Review Online

My short-story “Killer” was published today in the Kenyon Review Online!  Click here to check it out.  I am super-proud to have a story in the KRO.  Seriously, The Kenyon Review is probably the best literary magazine in the country right now.  (Or maybe it ties with The Paris Review.)  I mean, yeah, The New YorkerContinue reading “I have a story in the Kenyon Review Online”

Better than 5 stars or 5 smiley-faces…

A friend just sent me a link to this nice review of The Zen of Zombie from DreadCentral.com.  The review says: “Kenemore has written an engaging guide that speaks to the inner rotting corpse in everyone” and gives it 5-out-of-5 bloody knives. It’s cool when your book gets a good review, but it’s even cooler when the review comesContinue reading “Better than 5 stars or 5 smiley-faces…”

Zombies: My part in their advancement

Greetings! I’m Scott Kenemore, author of The Zen of Zombie (and the forthcoming Z.E.O.). I wanted to start this blog to share thoughts I have about zombies, and interesting zombie stuff I find out about. I find myself prompted to talk about zombies so frequently (and I consume so much zombie-related media) that I am confident I’llContinue reading “Zombies: My part in their advancement”