African American Zombie Lawyer– new album (featuring me!) drops today!!!

The new album by African American Zombie Lawyer– The Adventures of Finglonger— drops today.  It features a cameo appearance by me, Scott Kenemore, as well as 23 or so awesome rap songs! AAZL will be appearing at South By Southwest, and making other media appearances. I’m a big AAZL fan, and not just because they haveContinue reading “African American Zombie Lawyer– new album (featuring me!) drops today!!!”

I am on a rap album

I give a “shout out” (am I saying that right?) to all the zombies on the new album “The Adventures of Finglonger” by Richmond, IN-based rappers African American Zombie Lawyer.  I’ve liked AAZL for a long time, and was thrilled they asked me to do this. For fun, here is a list of my all-timeContinue reading “I am on a rap album”