ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Chicago Tribune

Christopher Borrelli did a massive profile of me for the Chicago Tribune.  You can view it online here, and I think it comes out in this Sunday’s print edition. I respectfully disagree with his characterization of my apartment– which, in actuality, is KICKASS– but otherwise I think it’s a fair piece.

I’m in the Chicago Tribune today

Christopher Borrelli did a tiny article on me in today’s Chicago Tribune:   Here’s a link to the online version, in case that scan is too hard to read.  It just covers the most basic ideas of my book, but I think we can all agree that the zombie girl licking the butcher-knife looks hot.

Big media weekend for ZOZ!!!

So! This weekend I got to be on Red Eye on the Fox News Channel, and I also got a nice little blurb on the front page of the Chicago Tribune “Books” section. I attach a scan of the Tribune piece at the end of this post. When I went to tape the Fox NewsContinue reading “Big media weekend for ZOZ!!!”