The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival

This month, Skyhorse is releasing a compendium of combat-centered excerpts from my zombie guides in an exciting new hardback titled The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival: A Combat Guide to the Walking Dead. It makes a perfect gift for zombie fans, and arrives just in time for Halloween.  Look for “greatest hits” fromContinue reading “The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival”

Boaris Frankenswine

A couple of years ago, an excellent artist named J. Anthony Kosar did the zombie makeup for the trailer for my book Z.E.O.  Today, Anthony is using his talents to raise funds for a grade school in Lemont, IL.  He has created a sculpture dubbed “Boaris Frankenswine” upon which one may bid in a fundraiser for the school. From Anthony’s release:Continue reading “Boaris Frankenswine”

Win a free copy of Z.E.O.

The Zombie Research Society is giving away a free copy of my new book  Z.E.O.  All you need to do is submit your favorite line from any zombie film, and you are entered to win. Click here to enter the contest. PS- My favorite line from a zombie film is Mantan Moreland’s immortal declamation in King ofContinue reading “Win a free copy of Z.E.O.”

Z.E.O. book trailer filming

This past weekend, the good folks at Axiom Megamedia invited me along for the filming of the Z.E.O. book trailer.  (The trailer for The Zen of Zombie has over 230,000 YouTube views, and really helped to get the book out there.  We’re all hoping this one will be similary successful for Z.E.O.)  It was aContinue reading “Z.E.O. book trailer filming”

I’m in the Chicago Tribune today

Christopher Borrelli did a tiny article on me in today’s Chicago Tribune:   Here’s a link to the online version, in case that scan is too hard to read.  It just covers the most basic ideas of my book, but I think we can all agree that the zombie girl licking the butcher-knife looks hot.