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The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival


This month, Skyhorse is releasing a compendium of combat-centered excerpts from my zombie guides in an exciting new hardback titled The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival: A Combat Guide to the Walking Dead.

It makes a perfect gift for zombie fans, and arrives just in time for Halloween.  Look for “greatest hits” from The Zen of Zombie, Z.E.O., The Art of Zombie Warfare, The Code of the Zombie Pirate, and Zombies Vs. Nazis. 

Have you ever been to (a) post-apocalyptic wedding?

A young lady who attended Kenyon College a few years after me has done a post-apocalyptic photo shoot with her husband-to-be to celebrate their upcoming wedding.  My humble tomes have found their way into several of the pictures. 

Here’s a link to the entire photo set, where you can also learn more about the photographer. (I really like the setting.  It looks like something out of Borderlands.)

They are looking for a Skag to attack, I think...

Lupus event wrap-up

Thanks to everybody who came to the LaSalle Power Company in Chicago last Saturday to raise money for the Alliance for Lupus Research!  I donated a copy of The Zen of Zombie to the silent auction, and my band The Blissters was the headlining act.  We raised a ton of money, all of which went to the Alliance, and also met some really outstanding people.

Here are some photos of The Blissters from the event:

This machine kills Lupus.
This machine kills Lupus.


Thanks again to everyone who came!

Better than 5 stars or 5 smiley-faces…


A friend just sent me a link to this nice review of The Zen of Zombie from DreadCentral.com.  The review says: “Kenemore has written an engaging guide that speaks to the inner rotting corpse in everyone” and gives it 5-out-of-5 bloody knives.

It’s cool when your book gets a good review, but it’s even cooler when the review comes in the form of bloody knives.