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The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival


This month, Skyhorse is releasing a compendium of combat-centered excerpts from my zombie guides in an exciting new hardback titled The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival: A Combat Guide to the Walking Dead.

It makes a perfect gift for zombie fans, and arrives just in time for Halloween.  Look for “greatest hits” from The Zen of Zombie, Z.E.O., The Art of Zombie Warfare, The Code of the Zombie Pirate, and Zombies Vs. Nazis. 


Zombies vs. Nazis named a book of the year by HEEB Magazine

Heeb Magazine has named by book Zombies vs. Nazis a best book of the year.  That’s the year 5771 on the Jewish Calendar, for those of you playing at home.

Anyhow, click here to read their thoughts on my opus.  (I’m especially glad they liked the “insulting Hitler’s mustache”- sequence.  That was fun to write.)

Zombies Vs. Nazis

My newest bookZombies Vs. Nazis has started shipping from online retailers and will begin appearing in bookstores over the next month!  As unclassifiable as it may be unpardonable, it contains recently declassified top-secret documents written by Nazi operatives who were sent to Haiti during WWII to discover how zombie technology might be adopted for use in the European conflict.  Let’s just say that things didn’t go well for them.

Zombies Vs. Nazis features over 30 excellent illustrations by artist Adam Wallenta, and fancy book learnin’-types may notice a striking similarity between it and  The Pardoner’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer.

So far, it’s gotten  good early reviews here and here.