Big media weekend for ZOZ!!!

So! This weekend I got to be on Red Eye on the Fox News Channel, and I also got a nice little blurb on the front page of the Chicago Tribune “Books” section. I attach a scan of the Tribune piece at the end of this post.

When I went to tape the Fox News thing Friday night, there was a mix-up, and I found I had been given the wrong address (a hotel). I got the address of the Fox studio and hurried over (it was all in the Loop) only to find that the Fox local news and Fox News Channel are two separate offices in different buildings. Anxious and running late, I took a cab over to the Fox News Channel building. It was cold and rainy, and by the time I got to the right TV studio my nose was bright red from the cold. They put makeup on me (with great attention to the nose), gave me an earpiece and a lavalier, and rushed me in front of the camera. The interview started almost instantly, and even though I was still out of breath and frazzled from running around downtown Chicago trying to find the right building, I thought I did really well. My “Tupak Chopra” line always kills (as it did that evening), and I made fun of John McCain holding his arms like a zombie without being too mean about it.

All in all, an excellent weekend!

Final thought: If you don’t usually wear makeup, remember to wash it off before you go to bed. I hadn’t worn makeup since playing the Tin Man in a 5th Grade play. I fell asleep with it on that night, and accidentally rubbed some of it into my eye, which really hurt.

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