Movie Review: Zombies + Germans + Teen Sex Comedy = Awesomeness

Mmmmm.  Beer-battered Germans...
"Mmmmm... Beer battered Germans..."

A few years ago, I heard good things about a German ZomCom called Night of the Living Dorks  but didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters.  I caught it on DVD last week, however, and was really delighted.

NOTLD could probably stand alone as a pretty good teen sex comedy even if the zombies were removed, but the presence of the living-dead goes a long way toward creating additional hilarity.  The three main characters are high school outcasts who become zombies when they die in a van crash after being exposed to a ritual involving the Necronomicon.  The zombified teens attempt to “pass” as living human students–continuing to attend classes and go to parties–but with beneficial zombie characteristics including unrivaled drinking capacity, an inability to be injured, and superhuman strength. 

This last quality (superhuman strength) is not a traditional zombie-power, but they make it work okay in this film.  It also allows for an excellent exchange when the zombie-nerds start beating the jocks in gym class:

Gym Teacher (to jocks): “You guys are playing like wimps.  If everyone was like you, we would have lost the war!”

Jock: “But coach… we did lose the war.” 

Other funny stuff happens that I’ve never before seen in a zombie film (or teen sex comedy, for that matter).  A zombie teen’s testicles fall off… right as he’s about to make love.  One zombie tries to staple another’s anatomy back on, but they are surprised in the middle of it, and the act is mistaken for gay sex.

If these sort of ribald jokes amuse you, I heartily recommend you check out Night of the Living Dorks.  I wouldn’t say that the zombies in NOTLD are “scary” exactly, but they’re definitely funny.  It is one part Shaun of the Dead, and one part American Pie.

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