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ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Examiner

Zombie, Illinois got a great review in the Examiner on Halloween.

“Like all truly great zombie literature (and yes, such a thing absolutely exists) Zombie, Illinois is not merely a story about zombies. Instead, it is a story about Chicago, in all its corrupt, poverty-stricken glory. It is a story about the people who live there, the politicians and police who rule over them, and the neighborhoods themselves. A clearer picture of the Windy City may never be painted, as Kenemore does a fine job of using the zombie apocalypse to bring out the best and worst in a city made infamous for generations.”

And stuff.

Click here to read the full review.


ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in Printers Row

Over the weekend, Printer’s Row— the literary magazine of The Chicago Tribune-– ran a nice photo and interview with me about Zombie, Illinois.

It’s a subscription-only site, but you should be able to view a preview for a time by clicking here, and if you like you can sign up and view the full issue here.


ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Chicago Tribune

Christopher Borrelli did a massive profile of me for the Chicago Tribune.  You can view it online here, and I think it comes out in this Sunday’s print edition.

I respectfully disagree with his characterization of my apartment– which, in actuality, is KICKASS– but otherwise I think it’s a fair piece.


ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in The Chicago Reader

Jerome Ludwig– Managing Editor of The Chicago Reader-– wrote a great review of Zombie, Illinois.  (He also excerpted my entire cover letter to him, so you get to see what a polite correspondent I am.)  Seriously though, he says things like “I couldn’t put it down” and “Kenemore is a gifted writer.”  It’s a great review, and comes from a journalist whom I respect a lot.

Click here to check it out.


Readings/Signings in Chicagoland

This weekend I’ll be doing two book events in Chicagoland.  On Saturday the 13th from 11am-3pm, I’ll be at the “Illinois Author Fair” at the Joliet Public Library in Joliet, IL, where I’ll be sellings and signing books.  On Sunday the 14th at 4pm, I’ll be doing a reading/signing for Zombie, Illinois at City Lit Books in Chicago.  Please feel warmly invited!


“Zombie, Illinois” on Fearless Radio

If you missed it live, here’s a link to my appearance on Fearless Radio to talk about Zombie, Illinois.