ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Examiner

Zombie, Illinois got a great review in the Examiner on Halloween. “Like all truly great zombie literature (and yes, such a thing absolutely exists) Zombie, Illinois is not merely a story about zombies. Instead, it is a story about Chicago, in all its corrupt, poverty-stricken glory. It is a story about the people who liveContinue reading “ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Examiner”

ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in Printers Row

Over the weekend, Printer’s Row— the literary magazine of The Chicago Tribune-– ran a nice photo and interview with me about Zombie, Illinois. It’s a subscription-only site, but you should be able to view a preview for a time by clicking here, and if you like you can sign up and view the full issue here.

ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Chicago Tribune

Christopher Borrelli did a massive profile of me for the Chicago Tribune.  You can view it online here, and I think it comes out in this Sunday’s print edition. I respectfully disagree with his characterization of my apartment– which, in actuality, is KICKASS– but otherwise I think it’s a fair piece.

ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in The Chicago Reader

Jerome Ludwig– Managing Editor of The Chicago Reader-– wrote a great review of Zombie, Illinois.  (He also excerpted my entire cover letter to him, so you get to see what a polite correspondent I am.)  Seriously though, he says things like “I couldn’t put it down” and “Kenemore is a gifted writer.”  It’s a greatContinue reading “ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in The Chicago Reader”

Readings/Signings in Chicagoland

This weekend I’ll be doing two book events in Chicagoland.  On Saturday the 13th from 11am-3pm, I’ll be at the “Illinois Author Fair” at the Joliet Public Library in Joliet, IL, where I’ll be sellings and signing books.  On Sunday the 14th at 4pm, I’ll be doing a reading/signing for Zombie, Illinois at City LitContinue reading “Readings/Signings in Chicagoland”