A lost zombie-gem: Brian Posehn in Undead or Alive

Sometimes I view a sub-par (or downright terrible) zombie film that still has a redeeming aspect or quality to it–a performance, or special effects sequence, or cameo that I think is just great–despite being in the middle of a lousy film.  Such is the case with Brian Posehn’s performance in the 2007 Chris Kattan and JamesContinue reading “A lost zombie-gem: Brian Posehn in Undead or Alive”

The second most important zombie movie of all time

I’ve often heard the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, and the Clash called the three most important punk-bands of all time because of what they respectively established about the genre. Namely: The Ramones established how punk should sound. The Sex Pistols established that punk should be rude and dissrepectful to authority. The Clash established that punkContinue reading “The second most important zombie movie of all time”

George Romero, the opposite of a racist

Most people I associate with are (to my knowledge) not racists.  But it seems to me that, within the category of “not racist,” there are two subsets I think of as “active nonracists” and “passive nonracists.”      Active nonracists note the presence of race (and sex, and class, and ethnicity) when they’re dealing with people,Continue reading “George Romero, the opposite of a racist”

Zombies: My part in their advancement

Greetings! I’m Scott Kenemore, author of The Zen of Zombie (and the forthcoming Z.E.O.). I wanted to start this blog to share thoughts I have about zombies, and interesting zombie stuff I find out about. I find myself prompted to talk about zombies so frequently (and I consume so much zombie-related media) that I am confident I’llContinue reading “Zombies: My part in their advancement”