I will discuss zombies on the radio in North Carolina

On 10/23/08, at 2:10pm EST, I will be a guest on “The Candy and Potter Show” on 107.9 FM “The Link” in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss zombies and The Zen of Zombie.  Please tune in if you’re in the Charlotte area.  It should be loads of zombie fun!

Zombie Pin Ups in Chicago

Today, in Chicago, a boutique is offering a “makeover” in which women can be converted to burlesque-style zombie pin ups.  Michelle L’Amour (the head-honcho of the Chicago neo-burlesque scene) will apparently be present and, in some sense, “styling” the zombies.  I’ve met Michelle a couple of times at different functions, and she seems like a really nice person. Continue reading “Zombie Pin Ups in Chicago”

FREE zombie drumming– Tonight in Chicago!

Hey zombie-friends!  Tonight my band the Blissters will play a FREE show at Reggie’s Rock Club in the South Loop in Chicago, at the more-than-reasonable hour of 9:40pm.  If you are in Chicagoland, please feel warmly invited to join us.  It should be a great time. At the show, I promise to play the drums like aContinue reading “FREE zombie drumming– Tonight in Chicago!”

Movie Review: Rise of the “Dead”

I read somewhere that in the pornographic film industry, it is not uncommon for the DVD cover-art for a film to cost as much as the production of the film itself.  This disparity in cover-to-film-quality was the first negative and misleading thing I thought of upon watching the 2007 horror film Rise of the Dead. Continue reading “Movie Review: Rise of the “Dead””

Send More Cops… No, seriously, Send More Cops

My favorite zombie blog is Send More Cops, which you can see here.  It’s written by a group of zombie-savvy contributors, one of whom is a nice young lady I met briefly when I was invited to speak about zombies at Columbia College in Chicago. Send More Cops is a great resource for cool andContinue reading “Send More Cops… No, seriously, Send More Cops”

Movie Review: Night of the Dead

The other day I rented the 2006 indie zombie film Night of the Dead.  It was far beyond terrible.   But I hate giving bad reviews, so instead of just enumerating upon the ways in which it was lousy, poorly directed, and ham-acted (which were divers and ample), I’m going to talk about one of theContinue reading “Movie Review: Night of the Dead”

Non-zombie post: I am proud of Arnold Madlangbayan

As I’ve noted before, not every post on this blog will be about zombies, and today I want to write a post to recognize my friend Arnold Madlangbayan, guitarist/singer/songwriter in my band the Blissters for doing his first feature print interview!  It appeared yesterday in The Windy City Times, one of Chicago’s gay newspapers.  (Chicago doesn’tContinue reading “Non-zombie post: I am proud of Arnold Madlangbayan”

All the angels want to wear my Reg Shoe

One of my favorite zombies of all time–up there with “Bub” from Day of the Dead and “the Tarman Zombie” from Return of the Living Dead— is Reg Shoe from Terry Pratchett’s awesome Discworld fantasy/satire novels. Reg Shoe is a more than a zombie, he is a policeman in his local municipal Night Watch, and anContinue reading “All the angels want to wear my Reg Shoe”

Poetry: Zombie Haiku

Ryan Mecum has written a marvelous new collection of Haiku poetry called Zombie Haiku.  He has also produced an interesting and original zombie-themed YouTube video to plug it.  Of both of these things, I must strongly approve! The poetry in Zombie Haiku is not just a bunch of poems about zombies (though there would, of course,Continue reading “Poetry: Zombie Haiku”