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Spooky Empire 2017


I’ll be at Spooky Empire later this month in Orlando, appearing on panels and signing books.  Here’s my current schedule for the con:

Friday, Oct. 27

6pm – Anatomy of Suspense (Moderator)

Saturday, Oct. 28

12 noon – Book Signing

5pm – Storycraft

Sunday, Oct. 29

12 noon – “The Other” and the Exotic in Contemporary Horror Writing (Moderator)


At Spooky Empire


Next weekend I’ll be a guest on some panels at the Spooky Empire horror convention in Orlando, Florida.  I’ll have some copies of Zombie, Illinois and Zombie Warfare and Survival with me for sale. Stop by and say hi if you’re around!  Barring any surprises, my schedule should run as follows. . .


6pm – Signing Table

7pm – Panel: #scotthorde

8pm – Signing Table


1pm – Panel: Legends of Horror

5pm – Signing Table

9pm – Panel: So Bad, It’s Awesome


1pm – Signing Table

2pm – Panel: Belief and Taboo

On October 7-9, I’ll be participating in the Spooky Empire horror convention in Orlando.  Here’s my list of my scheduled appearances and panels at the event.

Friday, October 7

  • 7pm– Panel: Horror Blogs and Social Media (Moderator)
  • 8pm– Book Signing (Table 2)
  • 9pm– Panel: Undead and Loving it– Writing Vampires, Ghosts, and Zombies

Saturday, October 8

  • 1pm– Zombie Outbreak: How to Survive (Moderator)
  • 3pm– Book Signing (Table 1)
  • 6pm– Book Signing (Table 1)

I’ll have copies of Zombie, Ohio and Zombies Vs. Nazis for sale, and am always happy to autograph your copies for free.  Hope to see you there!

My Spooky Empire schedule for 2010

Here’s my schedule for the Spooky Empire 2010 convention in Orlando.  I had a great time at this event last year, and have high hopes that 2010 will be just as awesome!

Friday, October 8:

6pm- Panel, “Zombie Evolution” [Moderator]

8pm- Book signing, Table 1

Saturday, October 9:

12 noon- Book signing, Table 1

1pm- Panel, “Zombie Outbreak: How to Survive” [ Moderator]

5pm- Book signing, Table 1

8pm- Panel, “Horror VS ‘The Scare'”

Sunday, October 10

12 noon- Panel, “Paranormal Issues”

3:30pm- Fiction Writing Workshop

Upcoming appearances

I am beginning to schedule some appearances and events to promote The Art of Zombie Warfare and The Code of the Zombie Pirate when they come out this fall:

On October 8-10, I’ll be at Spooky Empire 2010 in Orlando, FL.

On October 21, I’ll give a reading at the DePaul Center Barnes & Noble in Chicago, IL at 6pm.

On October 29-31, I’ll be at ZomBcon in Seattle, WA.

More details/dates as I learn them…

At Spooky Empire 2009

I had a great time signing books, speaking on panels, and causing trouble generally at Spooky Empire in Orlando over the weekend. 

I also finally got to meet Max Brooks, who was a really nice guy.  (I was wondering if he had heard of me, and when I introduced myself he cocked his neck like he wasn’t really sure.  But then he saw the cover of my book and was like “Oh, you’re that guy!”  And I was like: “Yep, I’m that guy.”)

Here are some pictures:

Being assigned the book-signing table next to Max Brooks is a little like being assigned the urinal next to Ron Jeremy. (I still sold quite a few books, though. Thanks to everybody who came up and said hi!)
Gettin' set to discuss zombies!
With Dana Snyder!


I will appear on panels and sign books at Spooky Empire 2009 in Orlando

I will appear on some zombie- and horror-themed discussion panels at the Spooky Empire “Ultimate Horror Weekend” ConventionSEon October 9-11 in Orlando, Florida:

  • Friday, October 9, 5pm – “What do Horror fans want?”
  • Friday, October 9, 10pm- “Sequels vs. Remakes”
  • Saturday, October 10, 10am- “Writing Part 1”
  • Saturday, October 10, 10pm- “What is Horror and what is Science Fiction”
  • Sunday, October 11, 10am- “Writing Part 2”

I will also sign and sell books at the “Authors’ Table” on Friday from 7-8pm, and Saturday from 1pm-2pm.   Hope to see you there!