Vampires… the opposite of zombies

A question I get a lot is: “Why do people like zombies?”  It’s an incredibly broad and daunting query. However, I’ve found that most people who ask it don’t actually mean “Why do people like zombies out of all the things in culture you could like?”  Instead, they mean something more like: “Why, out of all the possibleContinue reading “Vampires… the opposite of zombies”

Mark your calendars…

On October 24, I will appear on Red Eye on the Fox News Channel to discuss zombies and other scary things.  Red Eye is the Fox News Channel’s overnight show, which I think runs from 3am-4am EST.  I am excited about the appearance, as I haven’t done much TV. I think you’re not supposed to say thatContinue reading “Mark your calendars…”

Zombie songs I like…

So, Mister “Wrote-A-Zombie-Book-Guy,” where are you weak on zombies? The answer is: Zombie songs!  But I don’t want to be!  I would love to learn more zombie songs. When the Zen of Zombie first came out in late 2007, I went on WLUW in Chicago to talk about zombies and play some of my favorite zombie songs. Continue reading “Zombie songs I like…”

I will appear on the radio in Denver, CO

Attention insomniac Denverites:  Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 6am EST (4am Denver time), I will be on the “After Midnight with Rick Barber Show” on KOA 850 AM in Denver, Colorado.   I will be Rick’s guest for a full hour, and we will talk about zombies and zombidom! Apparently, KOA is one of the few stations atContinue reading “I will appear on the radio in Denver, CO”

Mantan Moreland: An early zombie comic-genius

“There’s just two things I hate… and zombies is both of ’em!” – Mantan Moreland This coming Sunday will mark 35 years since the passing of Mantan Moreland, a American journeyman actor who attained modest fame in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s for playing comic foils, frequently in B-grade horror films.  (Probably, his two best known zombie films areContinue reading “Mantan Moreland: An early zombie comic-genius”

Perfect Day… of the Dead

Yesterday I was contacted by a guy who has created a parody video for “Perfect Day” using attendees at a British zombie convention held earlier this month. I think it’s delightful, and am happy to share it here. First, here is the original video. And here is the much superior zombie version. Note: While you mayContinue reading “Perfect Day… of the Dead”

Book Review: Zombie CSU

Full Disclosure: I was invited to be a contributor to Zombie CSU, and then my contribution was cut in the editing process.  Probably, it is not possible to objectively review a book after this has happened to you.  However, Zombie CSU is an interesting tome that deserves a review, so I’m gonna give it aContinue reading “Book Review: Zombie CSU”

The adventure of the Miskatonic University lapel pin

My favorite writer of all time is H.P. Lovecraft.   He wrote wonderful horror stories, science-fiction stories, poems, and at least one story about zombie-like creatures coming out of graveyards to feed on the living. I am also a sucker for Lovecraft-related merch.  I have an Arkham, MA sticker on my car, and a Miskatonic University sweatshirt I sometimesContinue reading “The adventure of the Miskatonic University lapel pin”