ZomBcon 2010

I just got home from ZomBcon 2010 in Seattle where I gave a talk about zombies, served on a panel, and signed some books.  ZomBcon was a really wonderful, well-run event.  It was a delight to meet my fellow members of the Zombie Research Society Advisory Board, and all the other zombie luminaries present. Here areContinue reading “ZomBcon 2010”

Zombie Warfare giveaway on the ZRS blog

The Zombie Research Society (an august body, upon whose advisory board I sit) is doing a contest/giveaway of a signed copy of The Art of Zombie Warfare.  To win, you must describe the person you would most or least like to fight in zombie warfare, and explain why.  If your answer is adjudged superior, the tomeContinue reading “Zombie Warfare giveaway on the ZRS blog”

Online-community creator and Harvard psychiatrist added to ZRS Advisory Board

Ryan Leach (Co-Creator of LostZombies.com, the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary) and Steven Schlozman (Co-Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Associate Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency for the MGH/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry, and Lecturer in Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education) have been added to theContinue reading “Online-community creator and Harvard psychiatrist added to ZRS Advisory Board”

May is Zombie Awareness Month

We all know that zombies are 100% real, right?  Good.  Because the Zombie Research Society has declared May to be Zombie Awareness Month.  It will be commemorated by the wearing of gray ribbons, and concerned citizens are asked to “emphasize continued vigilance in the face of the coming Zombie Pandemic.” For more information, click here.