ZomBcon 2010

I just got home from ZomBcon 2010 in Seattle where I gave a talk about zombies, served on a panel, and signed some books.  ZomBcon was a really wonderful, well-run event.  It was a delight to meet my fellow members of the Zombie Research Society Advisory Board, and all the other zombie luminaries present.

Here are some pictures:

With Steven Schlozman and George Romero
Me with Matt Mogk, founder of the ZRS
Some scoundrels!
We were totally in Seattle!
With S.G. Browne, author of Breathers
I shot an air-gun at zombie Hitler. It was awesome.
Bruce Campbell gave a rousing talk
George Romero talks zombies on a ZRS panel.
The best sign I saw in Seattle.
The second best sign I saw in Seattle.


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