Zombie Comic: ROTTEN

One of the best discoveries I made at ZomBcon 2010 was ROTTEN, a zombie comic set in the American West of the 1870’s.  This is the best zombie comic I have encountered next to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.  Whilst there are already several titles in the Zombie-Western genre, most of them feel like their creators hoped theContinue reading “Zombie Comic: ROTTEN”

Zombie, Ohio now available for pre-order

My upcoming horror novel–Zombie, Ohio— is now available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon.   Here are quotes from some advance readers: “Zombie, Ohio by Scott Kenemore is a delicious slice of undead Americana.  Funny, tragic and nicely weird–it’s Monty Python meets Night of the Living Dead.  Definitely take a bite out of this one!”  Continue reading “Zombie, Ohio now available for pre-order”

Book Review: Eden: Crusade

What allows an audience to relate to a protagonist? This, for me, was the central question raised by Tony Monchinski’s new zombie novel Eden: Crusade ($14.95, Permuted Press). Many zombie novels (and horror/adventure tales) operate on the mechanism of creating likable characters and putting them into danger.  (The more elaborate and interesting the danger, the better!)  ButContinue reading “Book Review: Eden: Crusade”

Have you ever been to (a) post-apocalyptic wedding?

A young lady who attended Kenyon College a few years after me has done a post-apocalyptic photo shoot with her husband-to-be to celebrate their upcoming wedding.  My humble tomes have found their way into several of the pictures.  Here’s a link to the entire photo set, where you can also learn more about the photographer. (I really like theContinue reading “Have you ever been to (a) post-apocalyptic wedding?”

New zombie Microsoft ad

Here’s a new zombie-themed ad that Microsoft just bowed. Clearly, the protagonist wants to get in touch with his “inner zombie.”  Sometimes I’ll talk to people (often they work in media/publishing) who see zombies as a “trend.”  They’ll ask me questions like: “So, Scott, don’t you get the feeling that the whole ‘zombie thing’ is about through?” AndContinue reading “New zombie Microsoft ad”

At Spooky Empire 2009

I had a great time signing books, speaking on panels, and causing trouble generally at Spooky Empire in Orlando over the weekend.  I also finally got to meet Max Brooks, who was a really nice guy.  (I was wondering if he had heard of me, and when I introduced myself he cocked his neck like heContinue reading “At Spooky Empire 2009”

All the angels want to wear my Reg Shoe

One of my favorite zombies of all time–up there with “Bub” from Day of the Dead and “the Tarman Zombie” from Return of the Living Dead— is Reg Shoe from Terry Pratchett’s awesome Discworld fantasy/satire novels. Reg Shoe is a more than a zombie, he is a policeman in his local municipal Night Watch, and anContinue reading “All the angels want to wear my Reg Shoe”

The adventure of the Miskatonic University lapel pin

My favorite writer of all time is H.P. Lovecraft.   He wrote wonderful horror stories, science-fiction stories, poems, and at least one story about zombie-like creatures coming out of graveyards to feed on the living. I am also a sucker for Lovecraft-related merch.  I have an Arkham, MA sticker on my car, and a Miskatonic University sweatshirt I sometimesContinue reading “The adventure of the Miskatonic University lapel pin”

A lost zombie-gem: Brian Posehn in Undead or Alive

Sometimes I view a sub-par (or downright terrible) zombie film that still has a redeeming aspect or quality to it–a performance, or special effects sequence, or cameo that I think is just great–despite being in the middle of a lousy film.  Such is the case with Brian Posehn’s performance in the 2007 Chris Kattan and JamesContinue reading “A lost zombie-gem: Brian Posehn in Undead or Alive”