“Zombie, Ohio” praised in PW, ALA Booklist

My upcoming novel, Zombie, Ohio, got good reviews in today’s issues of Publisher’s Weekly and ALA Booklist.  Here they are:  BOOKLIST December 15, 2010 Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead. Kenemore, Scott (Author) Feb 2011. 304 p. Skyhorse, paperback,   $16.95. (9781616082062). George Romero, director of the original Night of the Living Dead and its sequels, should snap up theContinue reading ““Zombie, Ohio” praised in PW, ALA Booklist”

Philosophical Zombies

When I was taking philosophy courses in college, most of the thought experiments we learned were pretty “old school.”  Classical.  Unchanged in illustrative content since the 1700’s.   We can conceive of a gold mountain or a unicorn, but does that make them any closer to existing than something of which we cannot conceive? If you were aContinue reading “Philosophical Zombies”