Simon Pegg and “Zombies” in Fable III

I picked up the new xBox 360 game Fable III over the weekend, and have really been enjoying it.  One of the main characters is voiced by Simon Pegg.  Delightfully, Pegg’s character opines in several instances on whether or not Hollow Men (the staple undead bad-guys of the Fable universe) are zombies. I’ll let you discover for yourselfContinue reading “Simon Pegg and “Zombies” in Fable III”

The Top-15 Performances in a Zombie Movie

Zombie movies are often praised by fans for their frightening sequences, their artful (or artless) use of gore, and their political/philosophical messages.  However, I think an oft-overlooked quality that can really make or break a zombie film is the performances of the actors.  (You’d think that acting would obviously be the most important part ofContinue reading “The Top-15 Performances in a Zombie Movie”

Simon Pegg casts his vote… for slow zombies!

As a deeply-entrenched member of the “slow zombie” camp, I was thrilled to read Simon Pegg’s article which appeared yesterday in the Guardian newspaper in England.  In this article, he makes perhaps the most convincing case I’ve ever read as to why fast zombies are a risible obscenity, and why slow zombies are awesome.  In myContinue reading “Simon Pegg casts his vote… for slow zombies!”