Simon Pegg and “Zombies” in Fable III

I picked up the new xBox 360 game Fable III over the weekend, and have really been enjoying it.  One of the main characters is voiced by Simon Pegg.  Delightfully, Pegg’s character opines in several instances on whether or not Hollow Men (the staple undead bad-guys of the Fable universe) are zombies.

"Hollow Men" from the Fable video game series

I’ll let you discover for yourself how exactly Pegg does it, but needless to say, it’s amusing and cool, and creates just one more “meta-level” that makes the Fable series so smart and enjoyable.

(Final Thought:  As an R.E.M. fan, I find it hard to not to start playing the song “Hollow Man” in my head whenever I’m fighting Hollow Men in a Fable game.  Probably, I am alone in experiencing this phenomenon…)

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