Zombies at Comic Con 2013

I was honored to participate on the “Zombies in Popular Culture” panel at Comic Con San Diego on Thursday.  In addition to me, the panelists included Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steve Schlozman, Brad Voytek, Aaron Sagers, and Jonathan James. Here are some photos.  (Click to embiggen.)  

ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Examiner

Zombie, Illinois got a great review in the Examiner on Halloween. “Like all truly great zombie literature (and yes, such a thing absolutely exists) Zombie, Illinois is not merely a story about zombies. Instead, it is a story about Chicago, in all its corrupt, poverty-stricken glory. It is a story about the people who liveContinue reading “ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Examiner”

ZOMBIE, ILLINOIS in the Chicago Tribune

Christopher Borrelli did a massive profile of me for the Chicago Tribune.  You can view it online here, and I think it comes out in this Sunday’s print edition. I respectfully disagree with his characterization of my apartment– which, in actuality, is KICKASS– but otherwise I think it’s a fair piece.

My article in the New York Times “Local East Village”

I have an article in today’s New York Times “Local East Village” in which I join Nelson Algren in arguing that Chicago should be more sexy in order to attract/retain good writers…  Click here to take a gander.

Fallujah Heat

My new project Fallujah Heat— written with my friend Franco Mercado– just went live on Amazon.  Click here to check it out. Franco was a Corporal in the U.S. Marines from 2003-2006.  He served three combat tours with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines in the cities of Al Kut, Al Nasiriyah, Basra, Haditha, Baghdad, and Fallujah.  HeContinue reading “Fallujah Heat”