Zombies on MediaBistro

My publicist from Skyhorse, Jen Hobbs, got some kudos in an industry magazine for getting me on the Fox News Channel.  Here is the link to the article, which includes the clip of me (and another Skyhorse author) on Fox News.

In addition to being my publicist, Jen Hobbs is a really nice person.  I first met her earlier this year when I was signing books at a tattoo/horror convention in Atlantic City.  I had gotten a Cthulhu tattoo just before she got there, and she was thinking of getting her boyfriend a tattoo of giant wings on his back.  It was a really fun time! 

So anyhow, congrats to Jen for getting a great write-up for all the hard work she does for me and other Skyhorse authors.

The tattoo I got the day I met Jen Hobbs.

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