Movie Review: Zombie Love

A scene from Zombie Love. (Is this zombie eating flesh because he can't do something else...?)

This past weekend, I watched the 2007 zombie-musical Zombie Love.  It’s a great example of what you can do in a thirty-minute film without a bunch of money but with a ton of creativity.  It was well-written, witty, and original!

Zombie Love is the story of a zombie named Dante who falls in love with a living human named Claudia.  On the supposition that she could never return the love of a zombie, Dante disguises himself as a human and begins courting her.  However, after some initial romantic success, Dante “hits the wall” with Claudia.  In large part, this is due to his consistently making excuses as to why they should wait to “get physical.”

The romance is resolved via a twist worthy of W. S. Gilbert or Oscar Wilde.  (I shall by no means reveal it here.)  However, for me, the plot point raises a larger question: Can zombies “get physical?”  Specifically, can a male zombie achieve tumesecence?  There seems to be no definitive answer. 

Later this month, I plan to start work on a zombie-themed novel.  Perhaps I will try to provide my own answer to the question…

Anyhow, I thought Zombie Love was great.  You should check it out.

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