Vampires… the opposite of zombies

Pictured: A lot of "fru-fru"

A question I get a lot is: “Why do people like zombies?” 

It’s an incredibly broad and daunting query. However, I’ve found that most people who ask it don’t actually mean “Why do people like zombies out of all the things in culture you could like?”  Instead, they mean something more like: “Why, out of all the possible movie-monsters and mythological creatures that horror fans could fixate-on, are zombies so popular?”

Here is my answer:

People like zombies because they are the blue-collar, working man, Joe six-pack of the monster world.  They’re not fancy.  They get things done without a lot of “fru-fru.”  They’re not big on drama or intrigue.  They’re not serious or emotional.  And there is no pretense or mystery to them.  In these respects, I often think they are the opposite of vampires. 

Vampires (and people who like vampires, a mon avis) tend to be dramatic, serious, and concerned with their appearances.  They want to feel things deeply.  They want to be tragic and sad.  They want to be envied and/or lusted-after.  And they want to look fabulous doing it

Zombie fans are just a different kind of people.  Their sensibilities are different than those of vampire fans. 

Zombie fans don’t need to walk around in the newest, most-expensive designer clothes; a comfy work-shirt and faded jeans will usually do just fine.  Zombie fans don’t need to go to the fanciest, most-exclusive restaurant in town to have a good time.  And zombie fans always prefer an ice cold watery-domestic to a 99-point French wine.

I guess it’s possible that there are dramatic, moody, immaculately-dressed zombie fans out there, but in all my travels, I sure haven’t met them.

One thought on “Vampires… the opposite of zombies

  1. Wow, I completely agree. The one time I ever liked vampires completely is from the movie 30 Days of Night. The vamps were monsters again. Zombie still kick those vamps butts though!

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