Zombie songs I like…

So, Mister “Wrote-A-Zombie-Book-Guy,” where are you weak on zombies?

The answer is: Zombie songs! 

Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards--These men know zombies!

But I don’t want to be!  I would love to learn more zombie songs.

When the Zen of Zombie first came out in late 2007, I went on WLUW in Chicago to talk about zombies and play some of my favorite zombie songs.  When I got to the station, I spoke with this program director-type-guy who asked me which zombie songs I was going to play.  Then he named his favorite zombie songs–like 10 or 15 of them–and to my horror I realized I had heard of exactly zero of them.  Clearly, I have more to learn about good zombie music.

Anyhow, here’s what my best-of zombie mixtape would look like right now:

  • “Army of Zombies” by Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards (I submit that this this the BEST SONG ABOUT ZOMBIES EVER.  I may have to write an entire blog-posting about it one day.  It’s magnificent!)
  • “The Walking Dead” by the Dropkick Murphys
  • Among the Dead” by Tim Armstrong (Admittedly, this song is about his time between being in Op Ivy and starting Rancid, but still, when I listen to it, it sort of evokes zombies for me.  Is that cheating?) 
  • London Calling” by The Clash (It mentions “The zombies of death!”)
  • “Zombie” by The Cranberries (I get sick of this song, but there’s just no avoiding it.)
  • “Re: Your Brains” by Johnathan Coulton
  • Songs by The Zombies  (They were called The Zombies, but never really wrote songs about zombies.  What’s up with that?)
  • Songs by African American Zombie Lawyer (Easily the best rap group in Richmond, IN.  These guys are hilarious.)

Then there’s everything by Rob Zombie, White Zombie, and so forth.

What am I leaving out?

5 thoughts on “Zombie songs I like…

  1. I’m a reader from the strange, far-off land of Germany, so allow me to add this:
    German pop-punk band “Die Ärzte” released two Zombie-themed songs on their 2003 album “Geräusch”, titled “Anti-Zombie” and “Pro-Zombie” respectively.
    While the titles might give you a basic idea as to their contents, I fear a basic comprehension of the beutiful german language is required to fully enjoy those musical masterpieces.

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