Zombie, Ohio

I’m using this page to archive blurbs and media about my new novel, Zombie, Ohio.

“Scott Kenemore writes with a deadpan wit that makes you keep turning pages.” – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“In page-turning fashion, zombie-Mellor leads readers through a fun and light-spirited romp through a post-apocalyptic Knox County, Ohio. Zombies roam the countryside, and even the Amish are packing heat.” – The Youngstown Vindicator

“Also check out Scott Kenemore’s ‘Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead.’ Kenemore’s first novel tracks self-aware zombie Peter Mellor as he struggles to deal with his re-animated state, find his non-zombie girlfriend and uncover who killed him. It’s more humor than horror, but ‘Zombie, Ohio’ doesn’t want for good old-fashioned gore.” – The Sacramento Bee

“Kenemore’s book is well worth the read.” – Trembles Magazine

Zombie, Ohio is a fun, fast and thoroughly enjoyable read, recommended to any zombie fan with a sense of humor.” – Midnite Media

“[a] modern zombie classic…” – Sci-Fi Overdrive

“Kenemore is a truly talented author and has painted us a grimly wonderful post-apocalyptic world.” – Day of the Woman

“. . .a satisfying and entertaining undead adventure—one that has both brains and heart. Fans of zombie tales (everything from the Romero classics to the 2009 zomcom Zombieland) won’t want to miss this one.” – Nights and Weekends 

“A fantastic zombie novel.” – Dollar Bin Horror

Kenemore (Z. E. O. and The Zen of Zombie) infuses his debut novel with the perfect mix of horror, gore, humor, and (yes, it must be said) brains . . .Zombie, Ohio is a great bit of zombie-infused fun for both devotees of the genre and for folks desperately seeking an antidote to sparkly vampires and angst lycanthropes ” – Shroud Magazine 

“Yes, it’s a zombie story, but it’s also much more.  In Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead, there’s enough brain splatter to satisfy any genre purist, but this multileveled breakthrough novel by Scott Kenemore is also a love story, a murder mystery, and a comedy.” – Examiner.com

“This book is full of fun. . .superb.  [. . .]  It should be on any zombie lover’s list.” – Yahoo! Associated Content

“Encompasses the best of everything that is good about zombie fiction.” – The Zombie Files

“What is first a very humorous take on the currently en vogue horror genre, maintaining a tongue-in-cheek comedic appeal throughout its narrative, Zombie, Ohio is an innovative look at the realm of existence and the nature of conscious reality.” – Moore Musings: A Library Blog

“. . .a brilliant collection of characters with a background story that will surely make you reconsider a zombie outbreak.”  – Sonar 4

“If you’re a zombie fan, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on this one.” – Wag the Fox

“Zombie, Ohio tops my list of recommended reads. . .  I loved it. Funny, dark, twisted, and compelling, it’s a fun twist on the tired zombie genre.  [. . .]  Rating: As Charlie Sheen would say, ‘Winning!’” Swamp Dweller Dark Fiction Book Reviews

“Crazy brilliant” – We Zombie

“If Zombie, Ohio doesn’t get made into a movie soon the world has gone mad.” – Totally Jinxed

“Kenemore has created a fresh and inventive undead fantasy, but this is not just a zombie plague novel. It’s also a murder mystery, a love story, a coming of age (or stage) tale, and a second-chance memoir. You can’t ask for much more than that…” –Fang-tastic Fiction 

“Check this one out as soon as you can. It might renew your faith in the zombie genre, and (dare I say it?), perhaps even in humanity.” – Pandora’s Pen

“Filled with a mix of deadpan humor, undead angst, and existential awakenings, Zombie, Ohio is a unique take on the zombie genre.” – S.G. Browne, author of Breathers.

Zombie, Ohio by Scott Kenemore is a delicious slice of undead Americana.  Funny, tragic and nicely weird–it’s Monty Python meets Night of the Living Dead.  Definitely take a bite out of this one!”   Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and Patient Zero

Zombie, Ohio is a great zombie book, and I don’t even normally like zombie books.  It is zombies in the real world, if you can count academia as the real world.  But then, what counts as the real world is kind of the point.  In the pop-philosophical Peter Mellor we have, at last, the thinking man’s zombie, or the thinking zombie’s man, or maybe both.  Either way, Zombie, Ohio is the zombie thing that stands out from all the other zombie things, so much so that it is not really a zombie thing, even though it totally is, because there are a ton of zombies in it. It would also make a great movie, if by any chance you’re reading this jacket because you’re looking for a zombie thing to make into a movie.”  – Chris O. Cook, author of To Lose & To Pretend

“This story delves into questions of identity, purpose, and morality, without skimping on the requisite gore and action that zombie fans love. This will be one of the most unusual and satisfying zombie novels you read this year.” – Kim Paffenroth, Professor of Religious Studies and Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Gospel of the Living Dead and Valley of the Dead

December 15, 2010
Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead.
Kenemore, Scott (Author)
Feb 2011. 304 p. Skyhorse, paperback,   $16.95. (9781616082062).
George Romero, director of the original Night of the Living Dead and its sequels, should snap up the rights to this novel. It has everything: zombies, gore, brain-eating, love, death, even a murder mystery. All of it revolves around Peter Mellor, who wakes up after a car accident a little discombobulated. Even though the country is in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse,” it takes Peter a while to figure out that he is now one of the “moving cadavers” because, unlike your typical zombie, he can talk, reason, and, well, pass for human. As he’s trying to come to terms with his new undead state, reunite with his girlfriend, and figure out who was responsible for his car accident, Peter winds up the leader of a zombie horde and the target of human rednecks and intense military scrutiny. Kenemore, author of the humor books The Zen of Zombie (2007) and Z.E.O. (2009), combines humor with horror in a way that is guaranteed to make any zombie fan stand up and shout, “Braaaaaains!”
— David Pitt

“Kenemore’s debut is a darkly humorous depiction of one zombie’s struggle for enlightenment and redemption. When college professor Paul Mellor recovers consciousness near the wreck of his car, he finds himself in an apocalyptic landscape populated by desperate survivors and the walking and hungry undead. Soon Paul discovers that he is a zombie himself, albeit an unusually intelligent one, and that the crash that killed him was orchestrated. Determined to track down his murderer while dodging resentful breathers, Mellor struggles against his yearning to eat the brains of the living. His lapses are epic, even for a zombie, but nothing compared to the excesses of the living who see the apocalypse as license to indulge their worst impulses. There’s plenty to satisfy zombie fans who’ve come to expect some philosophy with their gore. (Feb.)”

20 thoughts on “Zombie, Ohio

  1. Scott – THANK YOU for Zombie, OH! I recently flew to Cleveland (yes, on purpose). On the day I was supposed to come home, there was a major snowstorm between there and here. My flight was delayed an hour… then 2… then 5! Wanting some distraction from the oh-so-very-annoyed people-watching I had been doing, I wandered into the bookstore and right away saw Zombie, OH. No question – this is what I needed to see me thru my layover. …Okay, the book and a Guinness in the airport bar. I was so engrossed (boo!) that I just about missed the announcement that my formerly delayed flight was boarding in 10 minutes. Thank you for making my lasting impression of oHIo a favorable one. You’re a life saver (?!) !
    XOXOO but not my brain
    ~ Kathy

  2. This was a fantastic, fun and hilarious read. I love this book. I’m not much of a “zombie-fan” per se, but I really enjoyed this story. Most important for me was the straight-forwardness of it, real talk, real attitude, real language….not the typical sugar-coated, mild language “suited for all ages” crap that is all there ever seems to be these days. I loved being able to relate to Mellor and his circumstances, the rage, the confusion, the addiction, the humor….I love that it’s written, seemingly, from real life, not just settings and characters and such. I literally laughed hysterically at times amongst only myself for company deep into the early hours of morning. This was a really fun story and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thanks for awesome read.

  3. Great book. I read it while bicycling in Minot last weekend after my friend returned it. My wife has it now. Three very happy readers.

  4. Absolutely one of the best Zombie books I have ever read, smart, funny, and gory! I couldn’t put it down, congratulations on writing such a great story. Really reinvents the zombie genre for me.

  5. I just finished reading Zombie,Ohio in of all places…Wilmington.Ohio,right down from Wilmington College and I have to say…I loved it! Will there be a followup to this book I hope?

  6. I downloaded the book as a random shot because it was the Kindle Daily Deal a couple weeks ago. I don’t read much fiction like I did years ago, but I like horror. I figured maybe I’d read a couple chapters as a mental diversion as some point.
    What a wonderful surprise! I’m about 3 quarters through, and it’s one of my favorite books ever. I think about it a lot, and it makes me laugh, and even moves me in a strange way.
    I’ll be strongly recommending it to friends (unless, of course, the book somehow gets really crappy in the last quarter), and I can’t remember the last time I recommended a book to people. Once in a while, an author just really nails a feeling that I want to help share with others.
    Great job, Scott! (That is, unless the book gets really crappy in the last quarter–in which case, great 75% of a novel!)

  7. I just finished reading it (and will get right on posting a review of it on my blog later today). Absolutely loved it. I just have to ask–at the end, when he gets tired… does he die? I mean, it makes the most sense that everything has concluded, the zombies seem to be dying off, and it’s time for him to go… but I found that strangely sad. I wanted him to have a little more time with Vanessa and Sam. I mean, leaving it ambiguous is great because for all we know, he takes a nap and wakes up good as new… but I have a feeling it’s the former. Thanks for a truly excellent read. And if you’d like to read my review, feel free to hop on over to Pandora’s Pen later today or tomorrow. 🙂 I’ll be more coherent and specific in my post there.

  8. Dude!

    When are you coming out with the sequel to Zombie Ohio? I’ve been waiting over a year already!! Get at it!

    I want to know what the government did with the ‘kernel’ or why/how the zombie plague stopped!

    Mike H

  9. I loved this book. I am not really into zombie stories, however…I live in Akron, Ohio. So, when I saw this title on my nook…I just had to read. Smart, funny, entertaining …this book was almost impossible to put down. Will there be a movie ? 🙂

    1. Hi Tricia,

      Thanks for the kind words. A few folks have contacted my publisher (or me directly) about adapting ZOMBIE, OHIO, but the project has not come to fruition. Yet.


  10. I’m feeling a bit dissed. Any ideas for a zombie book about Wisconsin? Maybe one where the zombies attack Scott “Walker”? ….then get even stupider? Also, have you been influenced at all by Kurt Vonnegut? At times I find my self thinking, “…hmmmm. Kurt would have had a character say something like that!”

    1. Hi Rick, Sorry you feel dissed! More zombie state books may be forthcoming… It’s all a matter of what the publishers decide to greenlight! I like Vonnegut a lot. Slaughterhouse Five is probably my favorite!

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