George Romero, the opposite of a racist

Most people I associate with are (to my knowledge) not racists.  But it seems to me that, within the category of “not racist,” there are two subsets I think of as “active nonracists” and “passive nonracists.”      Active nonracists note the presence of race (and sex, and class, and ethnicity) when they’re dealing with people,Continue reading “George Romero, the opposite of a racist”

Zombies: My part in their advancement

Greetings! I’m Scott Kenemore, author of The Zen of Zombie (and the forthcoming Z.E.O.). I wanted to start this blog to share thoughts I have about zombies, and interesting zombie stuff I find out about. I find myself prompted to talk about zombies so frequently (and I consume so much zombie-related media) that I am confident I’llContinue reading “Zombies: My part in their advancement”