As it turns out, Zombies + Martha Stewart = A sort of okay interview

Thanks to everybody who tuned into my interview on Martha Stewart Living Radio this morning on SIRIUS 112.  That was definitely one of the tougher interviews I’ve done, but I still thought I pulled it off all right.  Sometimes it’s difficult for me to connect with people who don’t see, a priori, the way zombiesContinue reading “As it turns out, Zombies + Martha Stewart = A sort of okay interview”

Zombies + Martha Stewart = ????

In perhaps the most unexpected (though not by any means unwelcome) request of my zombie-career, I have been asked to speak about zombies on Martha Stewart Living Radio, SIRIUS Channel 112.  I will be interviewed on Halloween morning, at 8:20am CST.  I’m not sure what aspect of domesticity or housewifery I’ll be able to help them with,Continue reading “Zombies + Martha Stewart = ????”