New social network has zombie community

A new social network site called Chime.In has a special community, Gorify, designed exclusively for zombie fans.  It appears to post zombie stories and links, and to be curated by actual living humans.   Click here to take a look.

I have the sense that starting a new social networking site is a little like putting all your chips on one number in roulette, at least as far as internet startups go.  It’s like, probably, you don’t succeed…but if you do, you’re the next Tom Anderson or Mark Zuckerberg and you never have to work again a day in your life.  The key question seems to be how to do something that hasn’t been done before– something that sets you apart from all the competition and makes people leave other social networking sites for yours.  (Nearly 10 years ago, I dated a young internet entrepreneuse who was attempting to do just that.  Her social networking site– which I thought was very good– sought to distinguish itself by facilitating public arguments and debates that people could then vote on, eventually declaring one side the winner and one the loser.  I thought this was a brilliant idea [and similar to the “Dislike” button that so many Facebook users are clamoring for], yet, for whatever reason, her site did not catch on and was ultimately scrapped.)

According to a PR spokesperson for Chime.In, what makes their social network different and distinctive is “its focus on interests rather than social connections, and the behind-the-scenes community management team [that] spends a lot of time making sure the users are delivered relevant and interesting content.”

That sounds good to me, especially if it results in a nexus of zombie information that’s superior to anything else already on the web.

Bon chance, Chime.In!

One thought on “New social network has zombie community

  1. I like that the theme appears to be a “survivors site,” but the fact it’s only one meme among many kind of undermines the effect. Too bad someone can’t build a site like this that caters ONLY to such fandom, but the chances of it being successful as a stand-alone would probably drop geometrically.

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