ZOMBO on iTunes

“ZOMBO, a loveable member of the undead, has a strong craving for something other than human flesh.  He wants to be a singer in musicals.”

I expect the above description of the short film ZOMBO will elicit extreme reactions– either pro or con– from zombie fans.  (I neither hasten nor hesitate to note that many of the finest zombie films have been musicals or had musical elements, with the seminal Zombie Love probably standing atop the heap.)  If your reaction is amongst the “pro,” you may wish to note that ZOMBO has just been made available on iTunes, and for less than $2.

Speaking of musicals, I can’t help but think of zombies every time I get to “The Criminal Cried” in the Mikado:

Now though you’d have said that head was dead
(For its owner, dead was he),
It stood on its neck, with a smile well-bred,
And bowed three times to me!

So be it.

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