Thank you!!!

Last month I launched a Kickstarter project to raise research funds for my next novel Zombie, Illinois.  Thank you to everyone who donated and helped make the project a success!

I want to thank all my donors (who have supplied their names so far), including: Don Harvey, Karsten Laqua, Patrick Ray, Owen Wesley Kerschner, Lisa Clements Feeney, Reena Jacobs, Evan Roy, Louis Argyrakis, Julie Settell, Sarah and Rick Williams, Jordan McRudin, Michael Floyd, Jeremy Lentz, Brian Roszkowski, Eliza Andrews, Dan Stefanicik, Scott Bishop, Roger Ma, Billy O’Keefe, Jessy Knowlton, Frankie J. Munoz, Richelle Morris, Emily-Jean Olsen, Igor Szuter, Shawn Michael Recinto, John Wheeler-Rappe, Matt Mogk, Cassie Zellner, Kyle Adlerman, Helen Schubbe, Rose Meiri, and Vanessa Van Noy.

2 thoughts on “Thank you!!!

  1. Hello Scott,

    Thanks for the Mention, man. Very cool. I’m honored.

    I’ve got the review of “Zombie, Ohio” going up on my blog on 7/29.

    Freaking excellent book, by the way. I’m delighted to have helped you out with the research portion of “Zombie, Illinois”. Keep those groovy books coming.

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