Z.E.O. is nominated for a Dead Letter Award

Mail Order Zombie, the zombie culture and DVD review website, has nominated my latest book, Z.E.O., in the category “Best Zombie Book: Nonfiction or Guide” in their 2009 Dead Letter Awards.  How thoughtful of them!  To vote for Z.E.O. (or other books and stuff) click here. 

3 thoughts on “Z.E.O. is nominated for a Dead Letter Award

  1. Very cool, Kenemore. On a related note, I just got back from a research trip to Iceland and happily noticed three copies of Z.E.O. in the airport bookstore at JFK’s Terminal 7.

  2. Kenefunk, that’s amazing — congratulations! If they don’t give you this award, I may be forced to knock some heads.

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