Win a free copy of Z.E.O.

The Zombie Research Society is giving away a free copy of my new book  Z.E.O.  All you need to do is submit your ZEOCOVERfavorite line from any zombie film, and you are entered to win.

Click here to enter the contest.

PS- My favorite line from a zombie film is Mantan Moreland’s immortal declamation in King of the Zombies: “There’s just two things I hate… and zombies is both of ’em!”

2 thoughts on “Win a free copy of Z.E.O.

  1. Mines actually from a short film a few of my friends did a couple of years ago, it wasn’t the best quality but I loved the line. The main character walks into a room checking for survivors, see’s someone he hates (There was back story at the start) pulls around his gun and shoots them in the face. Everyone he’s with looks shocked, then one guy says, “But he wasn’t a zombie” and the main character replies with, “I know”

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