Movie Review: Zombie Town

This afternoon I watched the 2007 film Zombie Town.  Looking at other reviews online, people seem to be pretty split

A small, good film
A small, good film

on this film.  It’s definitely lower budget and amateurish, but overall I have to side with the folks who thought it was enjoyable and fun.

When I read negative reviews of lower-budget zombie films, I tend to find that the reviewers have concentrated on the physical manifestations of the budget restrictions–the cheap cameras or the obviously modest special effects.  However, when a low-budget zombie film doesn’t work for me, most commonly it’s the acting (that’s amateurish in a bad way) that loses me.  In Zombie Town, the acting is amateurish, but it’s also awesome.  The actors really seem to be enjoying themselves, and it totally comes through in the film.  There is a pervading sense of fun.  I was reminded of episodes of Saturday Night Live from the early 00’s with Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz constantly corpsing one another.  (You either like that sort of thing, or you don’t.)    

Zombie Town doesn’t break any new ground, but the script is well-written and the actors are lively and funny.  If you’re looking for a lowest-budget zombie film that packs a few laughs, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has genuinely likable actors, then you might enjoy this film.

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